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Glass house $18.5 million
Feb 10, 2023
Glass house $18.5 million San Francisco
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Abstract: We all know that people who live in glass houses aren't supposed to throw stones. But in a glass house in Carmel, California, you can practically throw small stones into the sea from its breathtaking position.

This striking masterpiece was built in 2015 and features a sleek, modern design.


"The house was custom built by architect Eric Miller," says Jessica Canning, listing agent for Canning Property Group." The owners wanted to create a warm, modern home that would suit both family and guests, so they made a large space to maximise views and have a place to gather."


The four-bedroom property may be difficult to find with a GPS, but when you ask for the house by name, a local can point you in the right direction.


"The most interesting thing about Carmel's house is that there's no street address," says Canning." Part of the charm of the area is that everyone names their own house. The house is located on the southeast corner of Scenic and Ninth, and the house is named Sea Glass."


The homeowners chose a variety of stylish and durable upholstery materials throughout the home's 3,150 square feet.


"It's dog and kid friendly, so the floors are tile rather than wood," explains Canning." They used different textures, from the flooring to the trim."


On the main floor, there is a master suite with a private terrace and hot tub. On this level there is a separate guest suite overlooking the outdoor fire pit.


Two other guest suites are on the lower level, along with a wine storage area.


In a golf community, the home's fantastic number of bedrooms could certainly be considered a selling point.


"Having two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs is important for several reasons," notes Canning." The average home size in Carmel is 1,600 square feet. To find a home over 3,000 square feet is a big deal. A four-bedroom home is also a big number because it is located near Pebble Beach, a golf community."


She explained that a golfing foursome might find a spacious house to be a particularly suitable residence.


As for the next buyer, Canning has a hunch that it will be "someone from San Francisco or the Bay Area who is looking for a second home. In that part of Carmel, most properties are second homes," she says.

For the new owners of the house, there is one non-negotiable requirement: comfortable shoes to wear.


"Carmel is a large, walkable community and this house is right in the heart of it," Canning says." All the streets are flat and walkable."


The house is located in the Golden Rectangle, an area of downtown Carmel that has many art galleries and restaurants.


"The house is just a unique combination of assets and fits many criteria," says Canning.

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Glass house $18.5 million