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Beachfront villa $7.5 million
Feb 8, 2023
Beachfront villa $7.5 million San Francisco
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Abstract: An award-winning architectural design in Manhattan Beach, California is a striking beachfront villa.

The concrete, steel and glass house offers sweeping views of the ocean.


I've never seen a house like it", says Lauren Forbes of Compass. She listed the home with Todd Jones of Rodeo Real Estate." There are two separate wings at the top that almost look like trains or beautiful glass buildings that are separate."


One of the home's most striking details is its outdoor entertaining space, which sits between the two wings.


"It is completely open to the sky, as there are no buildings at the top of that courtyard," Forbes notes.


The home was designed by architect Gerald Horn in 1996 and is listed at $7,499,000.


"The house itself is like a work of art," Forbes said." There are tons of windows and the ceilings are curved with these metal beams above. ...... Everything is magnified because of the light and the way it's laid out."


The 3,643-square-foot home has three bedrooms and three full bathrooms.


"The windows in the master bath," Forbes says, "go all the way up the wall and push out onto a private outdoor patio with a direct view of the ocean." You actually get an indoor-outdoor, space-like bathroom."


A new kitchen and master bathroom are part of the home's recent interior remodelling.


"It was incredible when it was first built," Forbes adds, "but the current owners invested more than $1 million in it, upgrading and updating it to today's standards.


Renovations aside, the house's picturesque location is probably its most alluring feature.


"You can walk to the beach and town from here," says Forbes." The street itself is only three blocks long; a lot of people don't even know about it because it's a small street, so no one really travels down the street if they don't live there. You're so close to everything."


Although it is an almost all-glass home, the home still has a lot of privacy.


You can't see into it because of its location," explains Forbes.

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Beachfront villa $7.5 million