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Why can Americans accept high property taxes?
Oct 8, 2022
Why can Americans accept high property taxes? San Francisco
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Abstract: Americans with certain conditions are able to accept high property taxes because they want better school district resources, neighborhood policing and city building.

Americans don't seem to care about high property taxes. Why?


Where property taxes are high, school districts are usually good.


U.S. public schools are funded by the government, and the government gets its revenue from property taxes from local residents. If you look at the published financial statements of the U.S. government, you will see that a large portion of the government's property tax revenue goes into local public education.


Places with high property prices, high property taxes, schools that receive more funding, better quality education and better overall school districts. Quality school districts continue to attract families who value education and can afford high property taxes, creating a virtuous cycle.


Also, residents don't have to worry about schools misusing government funds because public school teachers' salaries are public and the numbers are determined by government proposals and residents' choices, and schools don't have the right to go up or down at will.


Not only teachers' salaries, but also top management such as principals, and various school expenses are made public.


But it is not absolute that school district housing is good in places with high property taxes. Some places with high concentrations of luxury homes have high property taxes, but there is no local system of public education, and the quality of the school district is nowhere to be found.


Places with high property taxes have good security.


Places with high property taxes have good security and exceptionally good police service.


When you visit places like this, you will often see police officers on car patrol, which makes you feel safe.


If you catch a rainy day, the police will visit the neighborhood once a day, which can effectively prevent problems such as waterlogging in the houses, because American villas have basements, many of which have direct access to the ground and multiple windows on the horizon. If continuous heavy rainfall is left unattended, the basement is prone to waterlogging.


Even, if your family is out of town, you can give the keys to the police department and the police will come to your house every day to see if anything is wrong.


Even when a mouse is found, the owner will be called and, with permission, an exterminator will be contacted to assist in exterminating the mouse.


Where property taxes are high, the city is usually well built.


Generally speaking, the higher the real estate tax in the United States, the better the city will be built. This is mainly reflected in several aspects:


Highways:Run well. If you are driving on a highway and there is a roadside barrier or a wall used to isolate noise, you must have high real estate taxes around you and money to improve public facilities for the benefit of residents.


Public parking lots:Plenty of spaces and large, low or free prices.


Municipal drainage system: timely cleaning and rapid renewal of aging parts.


Public parks: well-built, numerous, and free in the United States.


The U.S. public transportation system is not proportional to property taxes. Often, the poorer the place, the more developed the public transportation system, and the richer the area, almost no public transportation construction.


Property taxes vary widely across the United States.


This explains why Americans do not resist high property taxes as it relates to school districts, security, and city building. Americans who are financially well off will not deliberately reduce their property tax bill and choose lower priced homes.

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Why can Americans accept high property taxes?