The $1.55 million Oasis property
Mar 22, 2023
The $1.55 million Oasis property San Francisco
By   Tiffani Sherman
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Abstract: This is not a mirage. It really is a desert oasis, and it has been transformed quite dramatically.

The current owners of the minimalist Artesia home in Desert Hot Springs, California have redesigned this 1,609 square foot home.


The original house was built in 1976 as a mid-century, landscaped residence. The remodelled home is now a turnkey dream with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It is listed at $1.55 million.


"When you walk through the house, it has a nice Zen feel to it," explains Simon Mills of listing agent Mills Real Estate.


He notes the home's wood ceilings and stone countertops and rates the sunny kitchen as "the centrepiece of the property".


"Everything has been redone and every surface has been changed," says Mills, who reveals that the ceiling beams are made of Douglas fir and the walls are made of natural limestone." It's completely move-in ready."


The minimalist hideaway sits on 6.5 acres of desert land, bordered by trees.


"It's very quiet and very relaxing," says Mills." You are surrounded by no neighbours. You have no traffic around you. You're in an incredibly peaceful environment."


Although private, Mills says, the retreat is only about 15 minutes from Palm Springs.


It's not in the middle of nowhere, but it's definitely secluded," he explains.


At the back of the residence, the property is anchored by a dramatic saltwater pool and hot tub.


"You're literally in the middle of the desert," says Mills, "sitting in a pool of water with a great hot tub." When you're inside, you're surrounded by nothing but desert surroundings and it's very peaceful.


The house has solar panels, an electric car charging station and the possibility of going off the grid - the well on the property can be used as a water source.


The current owners use the house themselves and rent it out as a holiday let. The listing notes that rental income could exceed $50,000.


"I would say the perfect buyer is someone who wants to spend a few months of the year in the desert and then rent it out for the rest of the year," Mills said.

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The $1.55 million Oasis property